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I became a coin collector at an early age.  In about 1977, when I was a little under 10 years old, I found this coin, an 1873 Victorian halfpenny, while playing in a stream.  It was green and smooth, and you had to hold it at the right angle to make out the date.  The coin has been upgraded long ago, but I still have it.  For the next few years, coins came in from friends and relatives and I quickly chose to specialise in British predecimal.  

The Coin Collection had begun...

When I was purely a collector, I followed a strict completist approach, marching steadily backwards from 1967 into the Eighteenth Century, from Fractional Farthings all the way up to Crowns.  Each coin was upgraded many times over, resulting in a Collection that contained predominantly very high quality material. 

I tried to find all the varieties that I could too, from the well-known ones to the more difficult Davies and Freeman numbers, and even beyond that into the esoteric world of microvarieties.

I have been buying and selling coins for at least 10 years, gradually coming to spend more and more of the working day on it, and gradually treating it more like a business, and I am now lucky enough to derive the majority of my living from my hobby.   

I am constantly looking for high grade coins, so if you have anything you think I might like, please don't hesitate to get in touch, using the Contact form, by emailing, or by giving me a call on 01285 760158.

I hope that you enjoy my little shop and my website and also hope that I am forgiven when you inevitably come across areas that are under varying degrees of construction.  I suspect that there will always be some...I think of it like a coal mine that always has a working face somewhere in the network of tunnels!

Declan : )